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About Us

Have we met? 

Meet Erin & Danielle, founders of Porter + Presley. In late 2022, the longtime friends decided to team up and create…with a goal of creating a place where women and busy moms of all different backgrounds and phases of life can feel confident in what they are wearing!

The business bears the name of Erin’s Grandmother and our two youngest children.

Erin is a mother of four with a deep portfolio in marketing, social media & photography, while Danielle is a mother of two with an extensive background in business, strategic planning & budget analysis.

Why now? We FINALLY said YES! 

Two very strong willed women. Very different, but also a lot alike. Both determined to build something we love while being successful of living a life and giving our time and energy to the ones we cherish.

Danielle battled Stage 3 breast cancer the past 18 months and it really opened both of our eyes to realize how your life can change in the blink of an eye and you have to live everyday to it’s fullest! So here we are, LET’S DO THIS! 

We hope you’ll love Porter + Presley as much as we do!

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